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In order to download from Fileplanet you will need to register. Registering is free, and requires only a few moments of your time. Downloading from our mirrors is not supported. All downloads require WinZip to open, unless you are running Windows XP. WinZip can be downloaded at . All files should be extracted to your default Freespace 2 directory unless stated otherwise. The Lightning Marshal 4 campaign should then be selectable from the FS2 campaign menu. In case of problems e-mail [email protected] with the description of your problem, system specs, and whether you have any mods installed or not, and if you are using FS2 Retail, or FS2 Open.

 The NTF has gone one step too far. After the contestation of Alpha Centauri by rebel forces, Allied Command has pulled all ships from Vega and Aldebaran, to conduct a massive strike at the NTF strongholds in Alpha Centauri. This will be the biggest strike since 2335. Meanwhile, another assignment is given for the Actium, one that will require going deep behind enemy lines....

Release 4 Core Files - Minimal files required to play the campaign. Download from Fileplanet | Swooh

Release 3 Music - Adds a new battle track, briefings and mainhall to game. Recommended. Download from Fileplanet | Swooh

Release 4 Music - Adds 1 new music track. Download from Fileplanet | Swooh

Release 4 Command Briefing Animations - 23 MB.  Download from Fileplanet | Swooh

Release 4 Full Pack - Everything you see above in one convinient package. Download from Fileplanet | Swooh